Richard Barrett Seminar

The evolution of democracy. What's next?

From People Awareness to Humanity Awareness

Since the arrival of Homo sapiens on the evolutionary scene 200,000 years ago, six worldviews have emerged. Each worldview came about in response to changes in social living conditions, which in turn were triggered by changes in collective human psychological development. The worldview of Humanity Awareness, which is now emerging, represents the seventh worldview. The survival of our species is dependent on the adoption of this worldview. In the Humanity Awareness Initiative … 

… we seek to coordinate and amplify the transformative work of many individuals and organizations around the world to catalyze, cross-pollinate, and accelerate cutting-edge projects that support the evolution of human consciousness on a country by country basis, directing resources toward communities and nations that support leaders and young adults in their quest for individuation and self-actualization. We want to build a new identity for our leaders and young people  – a transnational identity, and thereby create a new future for the world.

In the worldview of Humanity Awareness people of different ethnicities, nationalities and races will come together in an overarching vision of the future that unifies the belief systems of spirituality, science and psychology in an energetic framework of understanding.


Richard Barrett
Richard Barrett is the Founder of the Barrett Values Centre (BVC) and the Founder and Director of the Academy for the Advancement of Human Values (The Barrett Academy). He is an internationally recognized thought leader in the evolution of values, culture and leadership in business and society.


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