Flexibility in electricity intensive industry – opportunities and challenges

Uni3 by Geely, Pumpgatan 1, Lindholmen, Conference centre, 20 April, 2023 10:00 - 12:00

ElektrifieringFlexibility in electricity intensive industry – opportunities and challenges

Everything points to the fact that the energy transition involves the electrification of many industrial processes, such as the shift from blast furnace to hydrogen-based steel. Electrification of the heavy industry is a prerequisite for the automotive industry to be able to reach its set climate goals, which nowadays often include its entire value chain from basic material to final product (i.e., steel to the vehicle including its operation). For the energy transition to take place in an efficient manner, flexibility is required in the electricity system both on the user side and on the supply side. This workshop presents and discusses opportunities and challenges in the transformation of the energy and industrial systems, with regard to technology, economics and policy instruments.

This seminar is a joint arrangement between the Social Venture Network (SVN), Chalmers Area of Advance Energy with support from the Mistra programs Electrification and Carbon Exit.

Moderator Tomas Kåberger, Professor and head of Chalmers Area of Advance

  • Welcome Tomas Kåberger, and Geely Europe Innovation Center AB.
  • Sector coupling, Filip Johnsson, Professor in Energy Systems, Director Mistra Electrification, Chalmers
  • Electrification of the basic materials industry – Implications for the electricity system, Alla Toktarova, PhD candidate, Chalmers
  • EU accelerate climate policy – what can we expect? Lars Zetterberg, Senior researcher, Director Mistra Carbon Exit, IVL The Swedish Environmental Institute
  • Fossil free steel in reality, Fredrik Starfelt, Senior R&D Engineer, Vattenfall AB
  • Expectations from the automotive industry
  • Michael Fleiss, Chief Executive Officer, Aurobay Powertrain
  • Discussion


April 20, 10 am to 12, 2023


Uni3, Pumpgatan 1, Lindholmen 417 55 Göteborg

Coffee is served from 09.30

Some pictures from the event:

230420 Sem elektrifiering talare
Micchael Fleiss, Filip Johnsson, Fredrik Starfeldt, Alla Toktarova, Lars Zetterberg and Tomas Kåberger
230420 Sem Elektrifiering Filip Johnsson
Filip Johnsson
230420 Sem elektrifiering Filip Johnsson stål cement
Filip Johnsson Cement Steel industry
230420 Sem elektrifiering Filip Johnsson Summary
Filip Johnsson Summary
230420 Sem elektrifiering Lars Zetterberg
Lars Zetterberg
230420 Sem elektrifiering Fredrik Starfeldt 20% 2%
Fredrik Starfeldt 20% 2%
230420 Sem elektrifiering Alla Toktarova
Alla Toktarova
230420 Sem elektrifiering Michael Fleiss
Michael Fleiss
230420 Sem elektrifiering Michael Fleiss summary
Michael Fleiss summary