Lecture on practices for sustainable well-being

Via Zoom – lecture will be commencing for 1 hour followed with a 30 minutes Q&A from audience, 2 June, 2021 16:00 - 17:30

SVN and CSR Sweden invites you to an online lecture on practices for sustainable well-being with Growth Mindset coach Ms. Shveta Shourie.

Research from around the world indicates that well-being and ecological sustainability, goals sometimes viewed as contradictory, are in fact complementary.  Emphasizing drivers for well-being becomes even more important in times of pandemics, and where a life in balance with nature is more crucial than ever.

Shveta Shourie is an USA based Mindfulness and Growth Mindset Coach, and the founder of Mindful Presence. She is passionately using these skills to help educate her students and clients understand the strong dependence of sustainable well-being on being in the NOW.

She has taught many workshops and conducted trainings internationally for a wide variety of professionals including educators, school and college administrators, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and executives. She has been practicing various forms of meditation for over 20 years. With a diverse experience as a Chemistry teacher, materials engineer, entrepreneur, meditator, a Reiki master and mindfulness & growth mindset coach, she now teaches a secular and neuroscience based practice of mindfulness to adults, adolescents and children.

Shveta imagines a world full of compassionate people, free of violence, addiction, greed and ignorance. She believes the first step towards a patient and empathetic society is to tackle the crisis of mental health head-on and invites everyone to make an effort in raising awareness about mindfulness and sustainable well-being by setting an example for our children, family and friends.

Shveta Shourie's website for more information: www.mindfulpresence.us

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